March 17, 2020

 April 21, 2020

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 June 16, 2020

 July 21, 2020

 Aug. 18, 2020

 Sept.15, 2020

 Oct.20, 2020

CANCELLED. Amy Ahlstrom: From Urban Quilts to Modern Portraits.

DEFERRED. Youngmin Lee on Bojagi.

ZOOM MEETING: Jane Haworth on Living a Creative Life.

ZOOM MEETING: Youngmin Lee on Bojagi, the Art of Wrapping Cloths.

ZOOM MEETING: Julie Silber’s Rare and Historic Quilts. Details here.

ZOOM MEETING: Virtual Show-and-Tell by SFQG Members

Introducing the Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail. Details here.

The Boro Aesthetic with Jody Alexander. Details here.

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