Jan. 21, 2020

Feb. 18, 2020

Maria Shell on Tradition, Art, Modern—Notes from the Field. Details here.

Silk & Salvage on Where’s the Cotton? Exquisite Quilts … Unexpected Materials. Details here.

 March 17, 2020

 April 21, 2020

 May 19, 2020

 June 16, 2020

 July 21, 2020

 Aug. 18, 2020

 Sept.15, 2020

 Oct.20, 2020

From Urban Quilts to Modern Portraits:  the Art of Amy Ahlstrom. Details here.

Youngmin Lee on Bojagi, The Art of Wrapping Cloths. Details here.

Jane Haworth on Living a Creative Life. Details here.

One Thing Leads to Another with Fern Royce. Details here.

Show Me: Julie Silber’s Trunk Show of Rare and Historic Quilts. Details here.

Linda Schmidt on Short Attention-Span Quilting. Details here.

Introducing the Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail. Details here.

The Boro Aesthetic with Jody Alexander. Details here.

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