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2021 Lectures

January 19, 2021 • Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson’s Wearable Art

Sandra’s wearables reflect creative ways to upcycle favorite clothing, especially denim, as well as hand stitching that makes her projects unique. She’ll present techniques for improving and reimagining clothing to create personal, unique art—comfy to wear and to treasure. You’ll find yourself thinking in new ways about clothing and using and reusing fabric. Learn more on her website or follow her at Sandra Johnson Designs on Facebook or Instagram.

February 16, 2021 • Trudy Cleveland

Photographing Quilts with your Phone

Smartphone cameras now rival the best digital cameras on the market, and this Zoom presentation by SoCal photographer and long-arm quilter Trudy Cleveland will serve up a wealth of tips for taking quality photos of your quilts.

Trudy’s advice will help you do more with your smartphone, take great photos to share with family and friends, participate in virtual Sew & Tell events, meet the requirements of online quilt-show applications, and more. You may find yourself using these tricks for all your photography. Learn more about Trudy at her website.

PLEASE NOTE: This lecture will not be recorded.

March 16, 2021 • Lisa Walton

Leap and the Net Will Appear

Australian textile artist Lisa Walton takes us through her creative journey, showing her development over the years and highlighting the milestones and “leaps” she has taken. A teacher of quiltmaking and surface design for more than 15 years, Lisa has also published many patterns and books on quilting techniques, surface design and beading on fabric. She is a past president of Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA). Learn more about Lisa at her website.

April 20 • Blair Stocker

Finding Value in Your Scraps

Did your grandmother make quilts using scraps left over from the clothes she made for your family? While today we buy many of the fabrics we use in our quilts, we’re also excited to use found and recycled textiles, from a thrift store, garage sale, or Free Table. Blair is most inspired when using fabric that has meaning or memories. She began her career designing textiles and made her first quilt for her daughter using many of her lovely baby clothes. Blair calls her style “Modern Traditional” and her esthetic appeals to all types of quilters. Her most recent book is Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide to Turning Beloved Fabrics into Meaningful Patchwork. Learn more about Blair Stocker at her web site.

2020 Lectures

January 21, 2020 • Maria Shell

Notes from the Field

Maria Shell started out as a traditional quilter, but soon found herself making abstract pieced art quilts that look surprisingly modern. Maria will share her personal journey in and about the traditional, art, and modern quilt movements. Can you be all three? Come to the lecture and find out. Learn more about Maria here.

February 18, 2020 • Silk & Salvage

Exquisite Quilts, Unexpected Materials

Before easy access to the local quilt shop, before internet shopping, how and where did one obtain materials for quilt making? And once a quiltmaker had a collection of available materials, how did those materials inform design and construction? What can we learn from quilts made with a restricted supply or unusual types or sizes of materials? Sue Fox and Julia McLeod—aka Silk & Salvage—will take a wide-ranging look at quilts made from silk, linen, wool and other fabrics, such as clothing and manufacturing scraps … as well as quilts made during times of privation and necessity. Their talk showcases both historical and contemporary makers, and highlights some pretty awesome quilts. The trunk show includes both vintage pieces and some of their own work. Learn more about Silk & Salvage here.

May 19, 2020 • Jane Haworth

Living a Creative Life

Jane learned to sew from her grandmother, studied textile design at college in England, and landed her first real job at a Laura Ashley factory. After setting up a small textile business and working in interior design in England, Jane moved to Auburn in 1998. A trip to Kauai inspired her to transfer the colorful images she saw to fabric. In 2012 she opened an Etsy shop, Happy Quilt Designs, where she sells personalized quilts using her customers’ own t-shirts and other textiles they send to her. In addition to describing her creative journey, Jane will also talk about setting up her Etsy shop and some of the challenges her clients present to her. Her goal: “to inspire quilters to go out of their comfort zone and just have fun creating.” To learn more, visit her website at www.janehaworth.com.

June 16, 2020 • Youngmin Lee

Bojagi, The Art of Korean Wrapping Cloths

Pieced together from small scraps of cloth, Bojagi occupies a prominent place in the daily lives of Koreans. They are used to wrap or carry everything from precious ritual objects to everyday clothes and common household goods and also to cover food. They can also be strikingly contemporary, with designs and colors reminiscent of modern abstract art. Youngmin Lee will talk about bojagi during this virtual lecture and show her own bojagi from her studio. Learn more about Youngmin here.

July 21, 2020 • Julie Silber

Keeping ‘Em in Stitches

A quilt collector for more than 40 years, Julie will dive into her fabulous quilt collection—early Album quilt, pre-Civil War quilts, museum-quality Amish quilts, quilts with thousands of pieces, trapunto’d quilts, and rare pictorial quilts—to spotlight quilts with a great sense of humor, Read more about Julie here.

September 15, 2020 • Sara Trail

Introducing the Social Justice Academy

Learn about the innovative and inter-generational work of the Social Justice Sewing Academy from founder Sara Trail. She’ll share the history of activist quiltmaking and the inspiration that led to the development of the organization. The SJSA is on the web here.

October 20, 2020 • Jody Alexander

The Boro Aesthetic

Jody’s talk will include an introduction to Japanese Boro textiles as well as a look at mending and reuse traditions in other parts of the world. She’ll explore contemporary artists working within the realm of the “art of mending.” Finally, she’ll present her own work, which is greatly inspired by mending and reuse traditions. Check out her web site.

Nov. 10, 2020 • Kathy Anso & Linda Rae

2 Kiwi Quilters, 10 Years of Nancy Crow

Kathy Anso and Linda Rae, longtime fans and students of quilt artist Nancy Crow, join us all the way from New Zealand, via Zoom. The duo will share their quilting journeys and show us how Nancy’s influence helped them develop their artistic voices. Don’t miss this opportunity to see state-of-the-art quilting in the land of the Kiwis.

2019 Lectures

January 15, 2019 • Tara Faughnan

From Cardboard to Instagram

Since Tara began quilting in 2001—using a reprint of the 1931 edition of 101 Patchwork Patterns—she has rocketed to fame in the modern quilting world, exhibiting her work and teaching at QuiltCon and doing textile design for such clients as Michael Miller Fabric and Pottery Barn Kids. She will share stories and quilts of her journey from traditional to modern quilter, with stop-offs in contemporary and art quilting along the way. Her philosophy is about embracing all aspects of quilting to create in the present time. You can read more about Tara here.

February 19, 2019 • Rosalie Dace

Reflections of an Itinerant Quilter

“We are all products of our history and my quilts come directly from my life,” says Rosalie Dace. Her lecture traces views and thoughts of people, places, ideas and objects that have inspired her from her childhood in rural South Africa to the crazy traveling she’s done over the past 30 years. Images of her homes and quilts, the people and places that influenced them, works in progress and more offer insights into her endeavors as a working artist and teacher. Learn more about Rosalie here.

March 19, 2019 • Jen Landau

Wooly Wanderings

Art quilts made with handspun wool? Colorful locks of goat fleece as foliage? Free-standing art quilts without a front or back? Discover Jennifer Landau’s wooly adventure creating art quilts and 3D fiber art out of her spinning and felting. See how “knit felt,” machine felting, and even thrift store sweaters become the foundation layer for piecing, quilting, surface design and embellishment. Whether it is a landscape, Victorian houses, or geometric abstraction, all of Jen’s work includes wool that has been felted in one manner or another. Examples and photos of completed and in-progress works will be shared … as well as wooly fibers to be fondled!

April 16, 2019 • Special Appearance

Alex Anderson

A rock star of the quilting world, Alex is perhaps best know as co-host and co-founder of The Quilt Show.com (with Ricky Tims). The 12-year-old program now boasts 27/7 access to more than 220 shows, classes, tips and techniques, patterns and projects for 140,000+ members. Alex and Ricky were also co-founders of The Quilt Life Magazine (2009 – 2014). Author of 30 books, Alex is also a designer of fabrics with RJR Fabrics and co-creater with RNK Distributing (Floriani) of the Quilters Select brand. Alex has been creating more modern-oriented quilts lately and her trunk show for the SFQG will present work that runs the gamut from traditional to modern, with something of interest for every quilter.

May 21, 2019 • Martha Wolfe

Creative Journeys

Becoming a fiber artist has been an exciting journey for Martha. In this lecture she shares the story of her personal creative path, interwoven with experiences from international travels that have inspired her work. She’ll also discuss how you can transform your photographs into artworks as she shares her process and representative quilts from her work. Learn more about Martha here.

June 18, 2019 • Material Girlfriends

Quilter’s Color Therapy: The Psychology of Color

Color plays an important role in our lives. The colors we choose when creating a quilt say more about our state of mind than we realize. A quilter’s stash can represent years of color therapy! Enjoy twin sisters Lora Zmak and Lisa Norton of MaterialGirlfriends.com as they explain color psychology, share the meanings of the most popular colors, and explore different fabric genres in quilting. Be delighted with their trunk show as the sisters share color therapy examples.

July 16, 2019 • Cathie Hoover

A Moo-ving Evening with Cathie Hoover

Utilizing Holstein cows in her designs was a natural for Cathie even before moving to Moo-desto. The graphic black-and-white patterns on these cows and their gentle nature appeal to her. During a presentation covering 21+ years of original work, Cathie shows her quilts and garments, offering humorous commentary about each piece. She welcomes questions about techniques, materials used, even trade secrets! Learn more about Cathie here.

August 20, 2019 • Laurel Anderson

Laurel presents an overview of appliqué history (including an 1850s-style appliqué quilt and a surprising story of the invention of the sewing machine!), as well as her personal appliqué journey.

She’ll discuss changes in styles and how they evolved with the fortunes of our country. She’ll also cover the progression of appliqué methods and her own exploration of those techniques. Find out more about Laurel and see more of her work here.

September 17, 2019 • Nancy Brown

New Animal Quilts

In a talk that is part digital presentation and part trunk show, Nancy discusses her approach to design, the stories behind her up-close fabric portraits of giraffes and dozens of other creatures, and how students can make patterns that look like their own pets. Her quilts are all original designs, pieced by machine, and hand-appliquéd and quilted. Learn more about Nancy here.

October, 15, 2019 • Jean Impey

Finding Your Passion and Running With It

Find out how Jean Impey fell in love with spider web quilts and followed her passion into a seemingly endless series of designs and variations.“The spider web design made a huge impression on me back in 2007,” she says. “I started making one and then found I couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up with all the ideas that originated from this one design. I love sharing my spider webs with others, showing them how one thing leads to another. When you find something that clicks, I think you need to keep at it, and maybe you call it a series.” Her talk includes a tutorial so quilters will learn something while listening to her lecture. Learn more about Jean here.