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2018 Lectures

January 16, 2018 • Linda Gass

Art Quilts and the Art of Mapping
Linda uses historical and modern day maps to research how changes in the landscape affect water resources in California and the American West and makes map based art in a variety of materials and settings in response to her research. Linda’s presentation will take you on a photographic journey to the places that inspire her work and into her studio showing her artistic process and resulting artwork. You can see more of Linda’s work at www.lindagass.com.

February 20, 2018 • Mike “Mac” McNamara

Meaning, Metaphor & Humor in Quilt-Making
A love of puzzles, ties to community, and a sense of humor shine through the many quilts—some past, some present—in this trunk show by longtime San Francisco quilter Mac McNamara. “My quilts come from admiration, fascination, love, and good ole glib rejoinders with people,” he says. “Some come from reimagining known images, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, or Sunbonnet Sue. Some are puzzles, rebuses, or private jokes. My quilts are not too concerned with color, size, specific fabrics, accuracy, matching things, or measuring. Just fun, thought-provoking, love, and making something to bring comfort.” You can find out more about Mac at www.macquilts.com.

March 20, 2018 • Geri Patterson-Kutras

The Artist Within
Geri is a story teller. She’ll tell her story with slides, quilts and anecdotes, both funny and poignant, about the 25- year journey she’s been on as an art quilter. Geri’s message is how the “Artist Within” each of us is a muse that drives our creativity and influences every aspect of our lives. Our quilts tell our stories and bind us together as friends, families and quilting community. To learn more about Geri visit her website at geripkartquilts.com

April 17, 2018 • Judy Coates Perez

Inspiration: Where does it come from?
Known for painted and collaged mixed media art quilts, Judy talks about the creative process, de- velopment of ideas, as well as how life experience, and maybe even an ADD mind have propelled her exploration for using a variety of painting media and combining alternative materials from tea bags to metal with fabric and stitching. You can find out more about Judy at www.judycoatesperez.com

May 15, 2018 • Pam Rocco

Quilting By the Seat of My Pants
A quilter for nearly 50 years, Pam has the enthusiasm of a new convert and is constantly reinventing herself. She’ll discuss getting started and sticking with your work, even if you’re only quilting for yourself; setting achievable goals; evaluating your work; finding an authentic voice; feeling comfortable taking risks,and incorporating chance and found objects into your quilting. You can find her work on Pinterest; and don’t miss this terrific post about Pam on the Plaid Portico blog, theplaidportico.com/tag/pam-rocco/

June 19, 2018 • Teresa Duryea Wong

Quilts, Cotton & Indigo from Japan
A passionate speaker and author of three books on Japan’s quilts and textiles, Teresa Duryea Wong will talk about two enduring plants—cotton and indigo—and their dramatic impact on Japan’s culture and textiles. She’ll showcase quilts made with both very old and very new Japanese textiles; explore stories behind traditional folk textiles such as boro and sashiko; offer a behind-the-scenes look inside the world’s finest quilting cotton printing mills; and discuss the making of indigo dye, cotton katazome and kasuri textiles, yukata kimonos and more. You can discover more about Teresa at teresaduryeawong.com

July 17, 2018 • Kathy Doughty

Accidental Designer
The SFQG is lucky to snag Kathy Doughty — the Australia-based quilter, fabric designer, blogger and owner of the renowned Material Obsession shop — during her current swing through the United States. Also a prolific author and international teacher, Kathyhas been involved in the industty since 2003 and has contributed to the changing influences in the patchwork and quilting community. In the lecture she shares the story of how all these influences have shaped her experience.

August 21, 2018 • Alice Beasley

The Art of Illusion
The name Alice Beasley is synonymous in the Bay Area with portraits in fabric of people and things—dancers, take-out food, water, soldiers, flowers, race horses, children, swimmers, family members, and more.  Her quilts have a painterly quality, but she works her magic without paints, dyes or surface treatments. Starting with ordinary fabrics, translucent silks and organzas, Alice layers and fuses snippets to create a collaged composition. She’ll describe this process—from inspirations to techniques to completed images—in her talk. You can read more about Alice at www.alicebeasley.com.

September 18, 2018 • NorCal SAQA

Up Close and Personal: Selecting Quilts for Exhibition
Get up close and personal with a trunk show of small quilts from the NorCal region of the Studio Art Quilt Associates in this hands-on activity led by SAQA fiber artists. The event begins with an introduction to guidelines for critiquing and selecting quilts for
exhibition. Then participants break into groups for an up-close look at a selection of pieces from the trunk show. Next each group will discuss which piece(s) to propose for inclusion in a show, and then pitch their choice to everyone in the room. It’s a fun and lively activity that’ll give guild members a new way of looking at quilts.

October 16, 2018 • Stacey Sharman
Modern Improvisation/Traditional Inspiration
Stacey Sharman is a founding member of the East Bay Modern Quilters and one of the owners of Hello Stitch Studio, a sewing and quilting community makerspace in Berkeley. Always fascinated by the secret stories of old objects, Stacey is drawn to the mystery and individual expression of vintage quilts. She will examine how the works of mostly unknown women have influenced her craft and how her craft has changed her life. She will also talk about the process of finding and forming a vibrant community around cloth, needle and thread.

2017 Lectures

February 21, 2017 • Joy-Lily

100 Quilts: Why I Did It & What I Learned
When our guild called for premie quilts, I had so much fun making small quilt tops that I challenged myself to make 100 of them. It took 13 months. During this adventure I discovered a lot about myself and about quilting: piecing strategies, color play, working in a series, what my quilting “sweet spot” is, and much more. You’ll see all the quilts and hear what happened along the way. Learn more about Joy-Lily here.

March 21, 2017 • Luke Haynes
Inspirations and Creations
This dynamic quilter presents a digital slideshow—plus a few actual quilts—to demonstrate the kinds of works he has created and some of the inspirations he draws upon from architecture and beyond. Learn more about Luke here.

April 18, 2017 • Sujata Shah
Cultural Fusion Quilts
Starting with a slideshow of her travels through India as well as her journey as a quilter, Sujata continues her dynamic presentation with a trunk show of original quilts from her book “Cultural Fusion Quilts.” She will share how she combines memories of the past and her inspirations into quilts. Learn more about Sujata here.

May 16, 2017 • Sherri Lynn Wood
Making Do: Quilts from Recyclables
Sherri talks about her residency last year at Recology San Francisco, where she produced an amazing body of fiber art from an abundance of found objects. “Making do is not only about solving a problem with what’s at hand … it also fostered within me a collaborative, receptive, and improvisational rhythm of attention marked by acceptance, and respect for how things are, with room for what showed up, including mistakes, and deviations from any or all previous plans.” Learn more about Sherri here.

June 20, 2017 • Heidi Emmett & Christine Barnes
A Kaffe Fassett Extravaganza
Together Christine Barnes and Heidi Emmett present a fun, fast-paced lecture about Kaffe (rhymes with “safe”), an American artist living in London who is famous worldwide for his quilts, knit wear, needlepoint and mosaics. His patterned, striped and shot-cotton fabrics have been favorites with quilters for decades. The program includes two short videos of Kaffe talking about his approach to color and design and a trunk show of quilts and wearables that Christine and Heidi have made from his fabrics and yarns. Learn more about Heidi here and Christine at this link.

July 18, 2017 • Mel Beach
Challenge Yourself!
After making more than 25 challenge quilts in three years(!!), Mel Beach has lots of adventures, misadventures and advice to share. She’ll talk about challenges at the local, national and international level. She’ll inspire you with her own quilts and their stories, along with tips and tricks that will encourage you to enter your own quilts, regardless of style or level of experience and skill! Learn more about Mel here.

August 15, 2017 • Katie Pasquini Masopust
Painting with Cloth
This slide/lecture shows my development from early paintings through traditional quilts up to the present contemporary wall quilts. I will show early traditional quilts, mandalas, three-dimensional quilts, isometric quilts, fractured landscape quilts and my new ghost layer-plus-color washes. Katie includes touches on inspirations, funny stories, mistakes and foul-ups, and design techniques, with time for Q&A. Learn more about Katie here.

September 19, 2017 • Rami Kim
Asian Designs in a Modern World
Interested in the fusion of Asian designs with Western styles and bringing something new (and old!) to your quilting? This lecture and trunk show demonstrates many designs and concepts that are more than a thousand years old from the “Land of Morning Calm,” Korea. You’ll see quilts, wearables, traditional costumes called Hanbok, bags, wrapping cloth called Bojahgy and many more items that can be inspirational and practical projects for today’s needle artists. Learn more about Rami here.

October 17, 2017 • Jenny K. Lyon
Quilting is a Contact Sport!
A sometimes humorous look at how quilting affects our lives and relationships from a wizard at free-motion quilting. Jenny’s talk also includes a trunk show of award-winning quilts and garments. Jenny comes from a long line of traditional bed quilt-makers and took her first quilting class in 1983. But it wasn’t until 1999 that a class unleashed her need to create, and she hasn’t stopped since. Learn more about Jenny here. And make sure to check out her free tutorials.

2016 Lectures

January 19, 2016 • Sheila Collins
From Fashion Designer to Graphic Designer to Fabric Artist
When it comes to careers, Sheila Collins is something of a shape-shifter, changing her profession every decade or so. Most recently she has combined her background in fashion design and graphic design with her love of sewing to focus on dimensional fabric art that is bright, cheerful and fun.

February 16, 2016 • Rachel Clark
Clothing for the Body and Soul
Enjoy a fashion show accompanied by anecdotes on the “hows and whys” of these unique, Rachel-made garments. The show will include a variety of garments: coats, jackets and vests. Also included in this lecture/fashion show is a look at Rachel’s latest project, “Out of the Crayon Box,” a celebration of that first box of crayons you got when you were going back to school. Each crayon is represented by a coat commemorating its color.

March 15, 2016 • Nancy Bardach
Exploring Quilt Design
Using quilts that range from realistic to semi-abstract to very abstract, Nancy will talk about how she gets ideas and goes from start to finish … and how you can, too. She’ll suggest many ways to design art quilts and many possible springboards to inspiration. She’ll show starting sketches and then radical changes to her pieces as an idea takes form in cloth. And she’ll cover the nitty-gritty process of moving from first idea to research, composing and reworking, up to completion and exhibiting.

April 19, 2016 • Carol Van Zandt
Design Evolution: From Drawing to Fabric
From inspiration to drawings to rendering to finished design, Carol will offer a visual, time-lapse look at her creative process. She’ll show the building of a fabric collection and touch on the process of working with the fabric company to get the final designs printed onto fabric. Naturally there’ll be a show-and-tell of fabrics, projects and quilts. Beside showing quilts that use her fabrics, Carol is also a modern improvisational quilter and will bring a selection of her own quilts and share some thoughts on her creative journey and modern quilting.

May 17, 2026 • Laura Fraga
The Phenomenon of the Dear Jane Quilt
Dear Jane is a quilt that Jane Stickle completed during the Civil War. It was discovered at the Bennington Museum by Brenda Papdakis and introduced to the world in 1996. As a Janiac (it rhymes with maniac, of course!) since 2000, Laura will explore why quilters are fascinated with this Civil War quilt. Who was Jane Stickle? And what are “Janiacs” around the world working on?

June 21, 2016 • Letitia Chung
Always Quilting, Always Learning
When longtime guild member Letitia Chung presents her quilting life in a trunk show, you’ll see the truth of this talk’s title, “Always Quilting, Always Learning.” Tish is both a prolific quilter and an inveterate student: so far this year alone she’s taken classes with Jean Wells, Patty Hawkins, and Ursula Kern. And she’s either finished or close to finishing the quilts she began with those teachers. Is she traditional? Is she modern? Yes!

July 19, 2016 • Freddy Moran
The Journey of a Quilter
“I will describe my joyful first quilt at age 60 to my quilts made at age 80+. I will show lots of work from then until now in a program intended to encourage all ages to quilt.”

August 16,2016 • Kevin Kosbab
My Quilting Story
“With a trunk show of my quilts, this lecture covers how the last ten years have taken me from no sewing background to becoming a full-time quilting designer, teacher, and author. I’ll share insights into publishing, being a man in the quilting world, and my interests in appliqué and mid-century modern design, along with some of the directions my work is taking now and in the future.”

September 20, 2016 • The Pixeladies
There’s a Computer in My Studio!
Come along on a virtual tour of the Pixeladies’ studio computer (yep, the computer, not the studio) as we explain how we use technology to enhance our art and sewing projects. We’ll have some fun little breaks during this presentation and show some quilts live!

October 18, 2016 • Jan Soules
Judge’s Choice: How your quilt is judged
Here’s the scoop from one of the judges at our upcoming quilt show! Using her quilts as examples, Jan will take us through the judging process step by step. We’ll see what judges are looking for and how they evaluate quilts. Jan hopes that by the end of the program, her audience will gain some insight into making quilts that stand out from all the others.