QUILT 2023 is a Wrap!

What an incredible show!

QUILT 2023 owes it rousing success to the hundreds of quilts & garments on display – made by talented SFQG members. We’d like to thank Featured Artists Barb Strick & Joe Cunningham for sharing their work and Rod Kiracofe & Dorcas Hand Quilters Quilters for providing unique special exhibits.

Thanks and kudos to all!
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Special Ribbons

Best in Show

Radiance • Letitia Chung

Most Whimsical

Next Door • Lee Schulstad Williams

Green Recycle

Vintage Stars • Fern Royce

Judges' Choice

Blue Arboretum • Mariko Duenwald

Excellent Handwork

City Views • Letitia Chung

Best Original Design

Superspreader • Susan Manson

Viewers’ Choice


The Barbie Quilt • Julia Van Tellingen

Judges' Choice

Enchanted Forest • Nadine Roesenthal

Best of Color

Multicolored Stripe • Laureen Neilly

Best Garniture

A Friend’s House • Juliana Van Tellingen

Viewers’ Choice


PT Richmond • Valerie Lynne

Judges' Choice

Saree Star • Julia McLeod

Ribbons for Wearables


1st Place • Cabbage, Cold Slaw, and Spiderweb • Sue Fox

2nd Place • Kantha Bed Jacketspread • Becky Simpson

3rd Place • Black Confetti Haori Quilt Coat • Lorraine Woodruff-Long

Honorable Mention • End of an Era • Alex Byrne

Honorable Mention • My Two Sided Boro Jumper • Jeanie Low

Ribbons for Quilts

Traditional Pieced (Small)

Quilted by Other

1st Place • Radiance • Letitia Chung

2nd Place • Saree Star • Julia McLeod

3rd Place • Star Crossed • Maren Larsen

Honorable Mention • Girls in Dresses • Jane Gent

Traditional Pieced (Medium)

Quilted by Other

1st Place • Hayden’s Keep • Sara Guyol

2nd Place • African Strips On Black • Jane Gent

3rd Place • Tiger Love • Jeanne Matysiak

Honorable Mention • Its All About Ewes • Linda Gavin

Honorable Mention • One More Border • Andrea Segura Smith

Traditional Pieced (Large)

Quilted by Other

1st Place • 363 Quilt • Carolyn Bower

2nd Place • Rhododendron Trail • Maren Larsen

3rd Place • Stitches in Time • Julie Scribner

Honorable Mention • Caribbean Colors • Jeanne Matysiak

Honorable Mention • My American Tribute • Carolyn Bower

Traditional Pieced (Medium)

Quilted by Self

1st Place • Multicolored Stripes • Laureen Neilly

2nd Place • Vintage Stars • Fern Royce

3rd Place • Log Cabin This Way or That • Fern Royce

Honorable Mention • Pandemic Food Baskets • Edwina Ow

Traditional Pieced (Large)

Quilted by Self

1st Place • Liberty Garden • Michelle Trimble

2nd Place • Starry Eyed • Larraine Salmon

3rd Place • O • Angela Majcher

Honorable Mention • Wedding Star • Janet McDonald

Hand Quilting

1st Place • Blue Arboretum • Mariko Duenwald

2nd Place • Palermo • Gail Retka Angiulo

3rd Place • Japan Inspiration #13 • Janet McDonald

Honorable Mention • Sashiko Quilt • Pattie Klimek

Modern, Original (Small)

Quilted by Self

1st Place • Superspreader • Susan Manson

2nd Place • Seismic Event • Maureen Laney

3rd Place • All Plans Have Changed • Gail DeMartis

Honorable Mention • Red # 2 • Mariane Schwartz

Modern, Original (M/L)

Quilted by Self

1st Place • Night Flight – Every Which Way • Sue Fox

2nd Place • Monterey Lelp • Michelle Trimble

3rd Place • Hexed • Catherine Sparacino

Honorable Mention • Not A Log Cabin • Claudia Shearer

Honorable Mention • Sticks and Bar • Catherine Sparacino

Modern, Original

Quilted by Other

1st Place • Dreaming of Margilan • Julia McLeod

2nd Place • Next Door • Lee Schulstad Williams

3rd Place • Lava Lamp Mystery • Caroline T Cory

Honorable Mention • Eleanor Goes Mad • Dani Lawler

Honorable Mention • Savanna Triptych • Lolly Shiffman

Modern, Not Original

Quilted by Self

1st Place • Wheels • Catherine Sparacino

2nd Place • Oh Yeah! • Julia McLeod

3rd Place • Modern Simplicity • Dana Miller

Honorable Mention • After the Rain • Michelle Wyman

Modern, Not Original

Quilted by Other

1st Place • African Echo • Julie Scribner

2nd Place • Circles My Way • Elizabeth Goldbaum

3rd Place • Stained Glass in Denim • Palmore Hoyt

Group Quilt

1st Place • Round Robin • Maren Larsen

2nd Place • Mission • Christine Reiter

3rd Place • Cast Your Fate to the Wind • Janet Mednick

Honorable Mention • Rainbow Round Robin • Elizabeth Chronis


1st Place • Ochre Mandalas • Judith Epstein- Williams

2nd Place • Traveling Companion • Judith Epstein- Williams

3rd Place • Hospitable Pineapples • Alex Zaremska

Honorable Mention • Fete • Letitia Chung

Honorable Mention • Juniper Lake Sunrise • Janet McDonald

Art Original


1st Place • Thirteen Angels • Edwina Ow

2nd Place • City Views • Letitia Chung

3rd Place • Celtic Dreams • Larraine Salmon

Honorable Mention • Flower • Larraine Salmon

Art Original

1st Place • Circular Logic • Sara Guyol

2nd Place • Butterfly Magic • Jeanne Matysiak

3rd Place • Trellis Garden • Carolyn Kotner

Honorable Mention • Sandhills Cranes • Carolyn Stratup-Noakes

Other Techniques

1st Place • Mermaids Manicure • Sara Guyol

2nd Place • What I Did During 2020 Covid • Gail Retka Anguilo

3rd Place • Betty’s Small World • Betty Tanhg-Fitzpatrick

Honorable Mention • The Barbie Quilt • Julia Van Tellingen

Honorable Mention • Found Abundance in the Pandemic • Julia Van Tellingen

Art Original


1st Place • Enchanted Forest • Nadine Rosenthal

2nd Place • My Octopus Garden • Joy-Lily

3rd Place • Foggy Rainbow Over Golden Gate Bridge • Dorte Brandenhoff

Honorable Mention • Purple Haze • Claudia Shearer