Quilt Entry Info – 2023

Welcome! This page provides San Francisco Quilt Guild members with information about the entry process for QUILT SF 2023. Please read this page in full before proceeding to the entry form. Your entries will not be processed unless you mark a checkbox on the entry form to signify that you understand and agree to ALL requirements and conditions herein. If you have arrived here from your entry form then you can click your browser’s “back” button to return to the form once you have finished reading.

Basic Information

  • You must be a guild member to enter the show; the entry form will be available on the Members Only page.
  • Entry begins Dec 1st, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. PT and closes Feb 11th, 2022 at 11.59pm PT.
  • Your entry must be new work since our last Show, completed after April 1, 2019.
  • You may enter up to three quilts and four Wearables as well as one Youth Quilt and one Challenge Quilt.
  • NEW THIS YEAR – there is no entry fee for items. Instead we suggest a donation of $10 per item for those who are able to contribute to the Guild’s activities.
  • Members may sell their quilts/wearables, with the SFQG taking a 25% commission on items sold at the show.
  • Satellite House drop-off locations and dates will be announced in January on the SFQG web site and in the newsletter. Quilts will need to be dropped off between Friday, March 17th and Sunday March 19th. You must collect your entries, with your claim form, at the pick-up table about an hour after the close of the show.
  • You are responsible for insuring your quilt(s)/wearable(s) if desired. Neither the SFQG nor The Event Center at St. Mary’s Cathedral will insure any entries and are not responsible if items are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Please enter quilts in order of preference. Every attempt will be made to display all entries but the SFQG reserves the right to decide the number of items per person to be displayed, in the event of a space shortage.
  • By entering the show, you are granting the SFQG permission to take photographs of your item(s) and use them, along with identifying details, on the SFQG web site, on social media, in promotional activities, and at public venues.

New for This Show

Volunteer Expectations

  • Everyone exhibiting a quilt or wearable is expected to work two shifts at the show. Shifts are either two or three hours long and include sitting and standing roles.
  • You can indicate your preference for work shifts on the volunteer form.
  • Those entering quilts will automatically receive the volunteer form. It can also be found in the Members Only section from 1st December.
  • We encourage all Members to volunteer! If you are not exhibiting you can still volunteer by clicking this form.
  • Please refer any questions regarding volunteering to Kathy Herr; her contact info is in the Membership Directory.

Quilt Information


  • On the entry form please choose only one category that best fits your work.
  • Categories are Appliqué, Art~Abstract, Art~Pictorial, Group Quilt, Hand Quilted, Modern, Other, Traditional and Youth. Details are on this page.

Judging & Ribbons

  • You can choose to have your quilt excluded from judging if you would prefer it.
  • Qualified and Experienced judges will assess quilts identified for judging. They will scrutinize entries for areas of excellence and areas needing improvement based on general appearance, design, composition, and workmanship.
  • Ribbons for first, second, third and honorable mention may be awarded in the categories listed above. Special ribbons include Best Use of Color, Best Original Design, Most Whimsical, Best Embellishment, Excellence in Handwork, Judges’ Choice, Viewers’ Choice and Best of Show. Click this PDF for details.
  • All Youth quilts will receive Participation ribbons and will not be judged.
  • Please refer any questions regarding judging to Gloria Miller and Judith Epstein; their contact info is in the Membership Directory.

Youth Quilts

  • The SFQG hopes to nurture a new generation of quilters and encourages teens to join as Junior Members and enter their work in the Youth Quilt category.
  • Members may include quilts made by or with their children or grandchildren (16 years old and under) on their own entry form. (In the quilt description, please include the child’s name, age, how you worked together, and remember to upload a photograph.)

Photographing Your Quilt

  • You must upload a JPG or PNG of your quilt(s) to your online entry form.
  • Each photo should show the entire quilt top, with space around the edges.
  • A free “convert to JPG” tool can be found here.
  • These photos are purely to help us layout the Show and will not be used elsewhere for any other purpose.

Quilt Preparation

  • You must sew a 4″ sleeve on the top of your quilt.
  • All entries must be clean, smoke free and odor free.
  • An ID label must be attached to each item you enter. Download and print this PDF for ID labels and placement information.
  • Your Claim Check is part of the same PDF as the ID Labels. You should complete it before dropping off your items at the Satellite Houses and must present it in order to pick up your item(s) at close of show.

Wearables Information

  • Members may enter Full Ensembles or Individual Articles of wearable art. No items constructed from kits are allowed.
    • An Individual Article is one single item like a vest, jacket, dress or coat.
    • A Full Ensemble is a garment or group of garments that is ready to wear in public without other items. Examples: suit ensemble, dress, evening gown or pants outfit.
  • Members must create their wearable item(s) from start to finish.
    • Commercially manufactured support garment(s) should be included with each Individual Item to dress the mannequin. Examples: Individual Items (vest, jacket or coat) needs a dress, shirt/blouse and skirt/pants.
  • Wearables may be embellished in any way, including quilting, painting and/or surface embellishment. Commercial clothing patterns may be used for the shape of the garment.
  • Members may also include accent or accessory pieces that they create from start to finish, such as a purse, scarf, hat, etc. Jewelry is not allowed.
  • An ID label must be attached to each item you enter. Download and print this PDF for ID labels and placement information, and also for Claim Check.
  • The Claim Check must be presented in order to pick up your item(s) at close of show.
  • The online entry form for wearables is part of the quilt entry form which can be found on the Members Only page. Photographs of wearable entries are required.
  • Please refer any questions to Valerie Lynne; her contact info is in the Membership Directory.

Next Steps

  • If you had already started completing your entry form and arrived here after clicking on a link then click your browser’s “back” button to go back to the form.
  • If you haven’t yet started your entries you can use the Quilt Entry link in the Members section to do so.
  • Click here to return to the main quilt show page.

Editing your Entry

  • You received an email with the subject “KEEP THIS EMAIL – Here are your quilt entry details for Quilt, Wearable and Challenge Entry Form” when you entered your quilt. This email contains a link for you to edit your entry up until February 25th at 11:59pm PT.
  • Use the “search” field in your email inbox to search for this email.
  • If you can not find this email you can request a new one here.
  • No edits are possible after February 25th. The only exception is if you wish to withdraw an item completely from the Show. If this happens please contact Alex Byrne – details in the Member Directory.

Please refer any questions about the quilt-entry process to Alex Byrne; her contact info is in the Membership Directory.