The Lone Robin

A New SFQG Quilting Game from Julia McLeod

While Block of the Month is on hiatus during the pandemic, let me introduce you to a new quilting game: The Lone Robin. It’s part progressive quilt, part mystery quilt and will be a whole lot of fun!

We’ll do this for six months, completing a stage of our individual quilts every month, following instructions for that month. For those of you with traditional tastes, consider making a medallion quilt, building it with the addition of a new round each month. For modern/art quilters, consider adding any kind of compositional element—one strip, one chunk—in keeping with the instructions for that month.

While we’ll all be following the same basic “recipe” because we’ll all add the same components in the same sequence, there are NO RULES about color choices, dimensions or placement. You can choose how much detail you want to put into your quilt. A plain border with one single motif-of-the-month still qualifies!

Instructions will be released May through October via our newsletter, eBlast and Facebook page, with a monthly slide-show tutorial on this web page. November will be a catch-up month, and December will be the big reveal! Everyone who enters a quilt gets to vote for the winner. And that lucky winner—could it be YOU?—will get a gift certificate just in time for the holidays!

Have fun, Lone Robins! And feel free to reach out with questions or comments via my contact info in Membership Directory. —Julia McLeod

Our Starting Point for May:
Curves or Circles

Your first element must be something that involves curves or a circle. What you do beyond that is entirely up to you. Your block can be any size or shape. Go for a paper-pieced block … cut your curves free-hand … appliqué something circular … or even feature a face! Here’s a PDF with more detail and some images for inspiration.

Click here for a slide-show tutorial, showing my creative approach to Step #1. I chose to appliqué one big circle, featuring an antique crazy block I bought at a SFQG fundraising auction, onto a background cut from an antique kimono!

June 2020

Our theme or motif for June is flying geese. You can paper-piece them, foundation- piece them, stretch them out so they’re skinny and long or wide and flat. They can follow the shape of a circle or wind randomly. You can make a string of ten on each side, or just include two or three randomly. The variations are endless!

Here’s a PDF with more detail and some images for inspiration. Click here for a slide show showing my step-by-step approach to surrounding my set-in circle with a flock of flying geese.

July 2020

Here’s a PDF with lots of detail and inspiring images for making your stripes. Or click here for a slide show showing my step-by-step approach to adding stripes to the circle- and flying geese-elements of my Lone Robin.

August 2020