Round Robin

2021 Round Robin Quilts by (L to R) Sumilu Cue, Mary Spadaro, and Gloria Miller

A Round Robin is a collaborative project in which quilts are built progressively, with participants creating a central block for their own quilt and then adding a row or component to other tops as each makes the rounds of members in the group. The next quilter then delivers the quilt to another participant, and the cycle continues until the end of the Round Robin, when the originators receive their own completed quilt top back. In all, six different quilters contribute to each project, which the originator can then keep, donate or gift.

It’s a wonderful way to practice new techniques and stay connected with other quilters. Beginners are welcome. Don’t be intimidated; it’s a fantastic learning experience suitable for all levels of quilters. Fun and creative growth are more important than perfection.

A new Round Robin cycle begins in January and runs through October 2022. Interested? Sign up no later than December 31, 2021 with Christine Reiter; her contact info is in the Membership Directory.

More 2021 Round Robin quilts will be posted soon. Pictured here are some of the fabulous Round Robins constructed by SFQG participants in 2020; click here to see a PDF of all 21 quilts.