Quiltmaker Stories:

SFQG Member Quiltmaker Stories – Past and Present

Our collection of quiltmaker stories (qms) are works in progress and provide glimpses to others who we are as quilters. There are stories about our: backgrounds, inspiration, teachers, techniques, fabric stashes, guild leadership, community outreach, sewing circles, and our camaraderie.

Our earliest quiltmaker stories come from statewide interviews through the California Heritage Quilt Project. After CHQP completed its interview project, our guild has been continuing  to collect our member stories. Some quilters prefer to write their stories, and recently, transcribed interviews. So, if you haven’t shared your story, please contact our guild historian.

Anderson, Christine
Barber, Anita
Beard, Christine

Brandenhoff, Dorte
Breitbarth, Linda
Brogan, Jean
Chan, Anna
Cleary, Peggy
Danielson, Sue
dela Mere, Cher
Der, Priscilla
Dugan, Eleanor
Duenwald, Mariko
Edwards, Natalie
Fischer-Boyd, Mary
Garner, Patricia
Goode, Joyce
Gordon, Rebecca
Hale, Sharon
Hansen, Arlene
Hartman, Darlene
Hattori, Masako
Henley, Esther
Kenney, Eleanor
Kurosawa, Keiko
Larsen, Maren
Lawson, Jurline
Lieberman, Caroline
LoPinto, Celia
Low, Jeanie
Marquet, Sylvie
Maxwell, John
McFadden, Mary

McFadden, Patricia
Mednick, Janet
Miller, Gloria
Munch, Carol
Ow, Edwina
Pepin, Winona

Pomeroy, Judith
Rusk, Kat
Rand, Donna
Scholten, Dorothy
Shearer, Claudia
Sherman, Catherine
Strem, Jane
Wainwright, Judith

Walker, Roberta
Wall, Hazel
Ward-Cunneen, Ruby
Webber, Hermia
Whitehead, Mary

Woodfill, Judy