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October 20, 2015 - Gloria Loughman
The Quilted Landscape

Have you thought about making a quilt to capture your memories of a special place? Perhaps a wonderful vacation spot, the view from your living room window or a memory of a special place from childhood. No matter what the inspiration, creating a landscape quilt is an achievable project. The process combines making decisions about design and color choices as well as incorporating accurate construction techniques. This lecture will focus on these components, solving the mystery of where to begin. See more at


January 19, 2016 • Sheila Collins
From Fashion Designer to Graphic Designer to Fabric Artist

When it comes to careers, Sheila Collins is something of a shape-shifter, changing her profession every decade or so. Most recently she has combined her background in fashion design and graphic design with her love of sewing to focus on dimensional fabric art that is bright, cheerful and fun. Over the past four years she has participated in some 50 juried art festivals, exhibiting and selling her work. And recently she has added speaking engagements and workshops to her professional mix.


February 16, 2016 • Rachel Clark
Clothing for the Body and Soul  & Out of the Crayon Box

Enjoy a fashion accompanied by anecdotes on the “hows and whys” of these unique, Rachel-made garments. The show will include a variety of garments: coats, jackets and vests. Also included in this lecture/fashion show is a look at Rachel’s latest project, "Out of the Crayon Box,” a celebration of that first box of crayons you got when you were going back to school. Each crayon is represented by a coat commemorating its color.


March 15, 2016 • Nancy Bardach
Exploring Quilt Design

While presenting a wide range of her quilts, from realistic to abstract, Nancy talks about how she finds inspiration—and how you can, too. She’ll talk about the evolution of ideas (from visual “eurekas” to photos and sketches to finished pieces), the changing forms of her work as she designs, editing pieces after completion, describing her artwork, getting into shows, collaborating with others, finding a mentor and more.


April 19, 2016 • Carol Van Zandt
Design Evolution: From Drawing to Fabric

From inspiration to drawings to rendering to finished design, Carol will offer a visual, time-lapse look at her creative process.  She’ll show the building of a fabric collection and touch on the process of working with the fabric company to get the final designs printed onto fabric. Naturally there’ll be a show-and-tell of fabrics, projects and quilts. Beside showing quilts that use her fabrics, Carol is also modern improvisational quilter and will bring a selection of her own quilts and share some thoughts on her creative journey and modern quilting.


May 17, 2026 • Laura Fraga
The Phenomenon of the Dear Jane Quilt

Dear Jane is a quilt that Jane Stickle completed during the Civil War. It was discovered at the Bennington Museum by Brenda Papdakis and introduced to the world in 1996. As a Janiac (it rhymes with maniac, of course!) since 2000, I will explore why quilters are fascinated with this Civil War quilt. Who was Jane Stickle? And what are “Janiacs” around the world working on?


June 21, 2016 • Letitia Chung
Always Quilting, Always Learning


July 19, 2016 • Freddy Moran
The Journey of a Quilter

“I will describe my joyful first quilt at age 60 to my quilts made at age 80+. I will show lots of work from then until now in a program intended to encourage all ages to quilt.”


August 16,2016 • Kevin Kosbab
My Quilting Story

With a trunk show of my quilts, this lecture covers how the last ten years have taken me from no sewing background to becoming a full-time quilting designer, teacher, and author. I’ll share insights into publishing, being a man in the quilting world, and my interests in appliqué and mid-century modern design, along with some of the directions my work is taking now and in the future.


September 20, 2016 • The Pixeladies
There’s a Computer in My Studio!

Come along on a virtual tour of the Pixeladies’ studio computer (yep, the computer, not the studio) as we explain how we use technology to enhance our art and sewing projects. We’ll have some fun little breaks during this presentation and show some quilts live!


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