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April 15, 2014


“Material Matrix & The Paths Taken”

This is a presentation using images and quilts to show her background, her work, an overview of her process called “Material Matrix”, and how it all comes together using color, design, composition and serendipity.


MAY 20, 2014


Wise Words: Lessons learned the Hard Way

Although quilting is basically a two-dimensional medium, her quilts have a depth that goes beyond the surface. Elements of the designs seem to float above the surface or recede into the depths of the quilt. The goal is to encourage the viewer to look into the quilt, rather than just at it.

Beyond the illusion, her quilts have something to say. Colleen wants the work to mean something. She works by starting with a title and building the quilt around that idea. Celestial events, botanical impressions and life experiences are common themes in her work.

Colleen didn't grow up sewing. Her background is not in art. But she is passionate about quilting.


JUNE 17, 2014


Every quilt is a gift to the world. For the maker, it’s a creative meditation. For the receiver, it’s usually awe. In every way, quilting is a profound and positive activity.

Her big dream is to see the Northwest recognized as a major quilting center in the US. Ultimately that will take aligning people, resources and perceptions.

Patricia imports vintage Japanese yukata cottons that she sells to quilters, sewing gals and textile lovers. It’s great to connect with others as they discover these remarkable hand-dyed fabrics.

Today the heart of Okan Arts, my design studio and micro quilt shop, resides in my Seattle home.
Her quilting work includes:

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